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Grace has extensive experience in the field of Public Relations and Communications. Please inquire for availability.

Manuscript Review

Have you finally finished that book you've been working on? Do you need someone to critique the content of your manuscript? Grace will carefully review your work and suggest ways to improve your story.

Keynote Speaker

Grace has extensive experience as a keynote speaker representing The White House. She is happy to tailor her talking points to a topic of your choosing. She will travel domestic and abroad. 

Contributing Writer 

Grace has written guest columns for The Daily Beast and Writer's Digest. She wrote numerous stories as a Feature Story Writer for the CIA which were covered by The New York Times, the New York Post, The Washington Post, CNN, Washingtonian, HuffPost, Maxim, Fox News, Newsweek, NBC News, and CNET.

Ghost Writer

Grace is fascinated by the lives of others. If you are interested in writing your life story, whether for the general public, or just for your grandchildren, Grace can help write your book just as she helped her father. 

Publicity Campaign

As an award-winning author and PR executive Grace has the perfect professional combination to create a personalized PR campaign for your book to maximize publicity and outreach.

Awards Judge

Grace was a judge for the 2021 Maxy Awards. Please request judging services at least three months prior to the contest closing date. Grace appreciates the tremendous effort it takes to write a book. She takes her time to carefully read and thoroughly review each submission.  

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