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Book Clubs

"This was our book club read for April. A most enjoyable read about camping with 5 kids in the Pacific Northwest and Canada. I was fortunate enough to meet the authors and their wife/mother. Not only is my copy now signed by them, I met 3 lovely people that survived a difficult set of life experiences and came through them still smiling and joyful. Excellent read." ~Rebecca B. 

Tent for Seven is an excellent choice for book clubs. This award-winning memoir is immensely engaging, appeals to a wide audience and touches on a range of topics, including family, travel, adventure, and divine intervention. 

Here is a list of suggested book club questions, designed to delve into some of the most moving topics in Marty Ohlhaut and Grace Ly's true story and to draw out the different perspective of readers.

Marty and Grace love to connect with readers. They will appear at book club meetings to discuss their best-selling memoir free of charge for local (Charlotte, NC) clubs. They will travel locally around the NC area free of charge for groups of 10 or more. Details below: 

  • Please contact Grace at least one month in advance of your preferred date to schedule the authors' appearance. 

  • Here is a recommended flow, but it can be modified: The book club host introduces Marty and Grace (brief biographical information will be provided), Marty and Grace discuss the background of the book and how it came to be. Members are open to ask questions and discuss the book. 

  • If the book club is in the Charlotte, NC area, Marty and Grace would be happy to join the meeting in person and sign books as members desire. 

  • Virtual meetings are an option for book clubs not local to the Charlotte, NC area. These meetings will be conducted on the Zoom platform and be facilitated by the book club. The book club host should ensure that audio and visual setup are adequate. 

  • When available, special guests may be able to attend upon request. Generally this is reserved for groups of 10 or more, but please inquire.

    Joeline Ohlhaut (Marty's wife; Grace's mother) is the heroine of the book and many readers have enjoyed meeting her and having the opportunity to ask her questions. 

    Brandon Pollock, the professional voice narrator for the audiobook, is local to NC. He enjoys interacting with readers and answering questions as they pertain to the book.  

  • Copies of Tent for Seven are available at a discounted rate to book clubs that order 10 or more copies directly from the publisher. For more information, please send an inquiry to

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