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Tent for Seven
*Award-Winning Memoir* 

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Marty Ohlhaut loved the great outdoors, and he loved his family, but this time, the combination proved disastrous.

Long hours at work had kept Marty cooped up inside and away from home, so he was excited about taking off with his wife and five children for the Canadian Rockies. Now that his kids were getting older, he knew this might be their last camping trip together, and he wanted it to be extra memorable.

And memorable it would be. As soon as they arrived, everything started going wrong. From a massive heat wave and contaminated water to close encounters with red ants and bears, they experienced one problem after another. Then tragedy struck. Suddenly, Marty had to face the possibility of losing someone he loved. With the help of mysterious strangers in one of the world’s most beautiful, vast locations, he fought to keep his family alive and his sanity intact.

Thirty years later, he shares the riveting story of that ill-fated vacation in collaboration with his daughter Grace Ly. Through candor and wit reminiscent of Bill Bryson, Tent for Seven captures both the grandeur and the dangers of the wilderness as Marty learned just how much his wife and children meant to him—and how fragile life could be.

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Grace Notes

Release Date 2026

By the time she was 28 Grace had lived in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. She had traveled through over 30 countries. She hiked mountains in North Korea, ran with the bulls in Spain, went dog-sledding across the Arctic Circle, rode elephants in Thailand and slept under the stars in the Sahara Desert. 

She had also worked at the White House. At 33 she became an Undercover Officer at the Central Intelligence Agency. Two years later she rolled back her cover to become a Public Affairs Officer. 

With candor and humor Grace recounts her adventures living overseas on military bases. She takes readers inside the White House and details what it is really like to work for the President of the United States. She describes the process of being hired by the CIA and what goes on at the world's most secret Agency. 

From an ordinary background, Grace has lived an extraordinary life. She believes that with ambition, hard work and creativity you can accomplish anything. She encourages the reader to pursue their own dreams through examples in her own life. 

Grace Notes will entertain, educate, make you laugh, and give you an intimate behind-the-scenes tour of the White House and CIA. Most of all though, it will make you believe that an ordinary person can accomplish extraordinary things.


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